Ames girls soccer last won a state title in 2017. Isabel Andreotti wants another.

Joe Randleman
Ames Tribune

Isabel Andreotti loves to express herself in creative ways on the soccer field.

The Ames senior scored the first goal of the season for the Little Cyclone girls soccer team in its season opener against Valley on Tuesday at Ames High.

But Anrdreotti didn't just score a goal. She drew plenty of oohs and ahs from the home crowd in the process with an amazing shot across the field from 20 yards out.

Andreotti got the ball near the sidelines by the Ames crowd 10 minutes into the game. She took it near the 20-yard line, used great footwork to maneuver her way into getting off a shot and drilled a ball across the field toward the goal. Going against a strong wind, the ball shot toward the far post and sailed perfectly into the corner of the net.

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Ames center-midfielder Isabel Andreotti scored the first goal of the season for the Little Cyclones in spectacular fashion in a 3-2 loss to defending Class 3A state champion West Des Moines Valley during the season opener Tuesday at Ames. Andreotti loves to use her creativity to create scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates and she's embrace the role of senior leader for the Little Cyclones.

"Honestly I was hoping to get it in the general area," Andreotti said. "I was clearly aiming for the corner, but got lucky there."

Ames went on to lose a hard-fought 3-2 game, but Andreotti's shot was the highlight of the night. She enjoys using her imagination on the soccer field. It paid off on her highlight goal.

"I've always liked to play around with my feet," Andreotti said. "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's real nice when it does."

Her coach loves to see it. 

"She lives up to the moment," Ames head coach Bobby Myers said. "She's willing to do the thing that isn't expected. She has that spirit where she feels the game and have fun. Everybody loves to follow that."

Andreotti is like a quarterback on the field for the Little Cyclones. She is an attacking center-midfielder who runs the show for Ames on offense.

"Izzy is our general," Myers said. "She controls the flow of the game. We kind of play through her because she can see the field and has such good control over the ball. Her control on the ball allows her to feel the pressure and know where to play the ball."

Her teammates certainly appreciate having her on their side.

“She’s a great captain on and off the field,” sophomore Haley Prakashan said. “It’s really nice having her on the field and hearing her communicate. She really helps keep our team positive and keep us together. I love seeing her dribble through the midfield, but I’m terrified playing against her when we’re in practice.”  

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Andreotti scored five goals and handed out two assists as a freshman. After her sophomore year was canceled due to COVID-19, Andreotti went for seven goals and three assists last year as a junior.

Junior Cameron Moon is a year behind Andreotti, but the two have been playing soccer together since they were little. They are hoping the great chemistry they've developed over the years rubs off on the rest of the team.

“I’ve played with her since we were 11 or 12 years old,” Moon said. “I can have the ball and I’ll know she’ll be there, or she’ll pass it and doesn’t have to even look or talk. Our connection is just there.” 

Isabel Andreotti scored 7 goals for Ames last season. She hopes to expand her role and lead Ames to the state tournament this year.

Andreotti has embraced her role as captain and senior leader this year.

"First of all, I want make everything fun," Andreotti said. "But I also want to win. I want to win more than we're expected to because right now everyone is kind of getting down on us. I want to prove them wrong."

Ames went 11-6 last year, but lost to Ankeny in the regional semifinals. The last time the Little Cyclones had a really big year was 2017, when they went 18-2 and won the Class 3A state championship.

That's why despite an amazing effort against the defending 3A state champions, Tuesday's loss to Valley doesn't sit well with Andreotti. She wants to spend her final year getting Ames back to being an elite program.

“We’re trying to keep the legacy going,” Andreotti said. “Ames High girls soccer is a pretty big deal. We want to make sure it stays as intense as it once was and keep everything positive and fun.”