Vorm, Thomsen lead dual-sport charge at Nevada: Seniors excel in track and soccer

Joe Randleman
Nevada Journal
Hannah Thomsen, seen here taking the baton from Kylie Taylor in the sprint medley relay at the Nevada Co-Ed Invitational April 8, is one of several dual-sport athletes doing girls' track and soccer at Nevada. She and Addi Vorm are senior leaders for the younger dual-sport athletes to look up to as they attempt to excel in both sports.

This is the time of year where Nevada’s Addi Vorm and Hannah Thomsen never get a break. 

The two seniors are dual-sport athletes at Nevada in the spring. They both compete in girls’ track and soccer. 

Juggling two sports at once has been a staple for many athletes at Nevada over the years. The school has allowed its athletes to do multiple sports at the same time for decades. 

Vorm and Thomsen are carrying on that tradition this year.  

“Addi and Hannah have worked tremendously hard in both sports and put 100 % effort in at practice everyday,” Nevada head girls’ track coach Ted Johnson said. “I respect dual sport athletes 100 % as they drive to be their best at both sports and put in double the time.” 

Vorm throws the shot put and discus in track and is a keeper in soccer. Thomsen is one of Nevada’s top sprinters and she is one of the most versatile players on the soccer team – excelling both at forward and in the back four on defense during her career. 

“They practice with me for about 75 minutes then head off to soccer practice,” Johnson said. “They have weeks where they have two soccer games and two track meets in one week and that is a lot. As coaches we have to be careful how we use them in our competitions in order not to wear them out too much. That is commitment to school sports and the team they play for. It makes both our programs stronger because of it.”   

If track meets and soccer games take place close enough together distance-wise with a little gap in start times Vorm and fellow thrower Maddie Dunham – a junior – often do both on the same day. 

“Dual sporting for me is pretty easy,” Vorm said. “I go to a lot of meets and then will go right to a soccer game.” 

Vorm has loved getting to participate in two sports at once. She’s been itching to get back out competing in sports after an ACL tear forced her to miss basketball season. 

“Coming back has been such a blessing,” Vorm said. “You don’t really realize how much you miss it when you’re sitting down all the time and watching all your teammates do stuff. It’s really nice being back in action with everyone else. Watching everybody is so hard and now to be able to be back into the activities feels great.” 

But it hasn’t all been fun games. 

“It’s hard managing school with that,” Vorm said. “All of your time is spent on the field, at the track or at school. It’s all about time management.” 

That’s where Vorm and Thomsen’s senior leadership will be invaluable this season. There are 11 freshmen – Madalyn Gibson, Lynze Geerdes, Melanie Khounsourath, Tori Meinecke, Reagan Davis, Isabelle Nelson, Emma Strottman, Evaleah Geerdes, Cinamon Hazlitt, Galaxie Cable and Graci Schiller – who are dual-sporting for the first time. 

“A lot of it is teaching them how to take care of their bodies,” Thomsen said. “A lot of the girls have juggled multiple sports, but it’s different when you’re competing four days a week and only have one day of practice. You’re expected to be at your best each day.” 

Thomsen fully embraces the challenge of going back and forth between the track and the soccer field. 

“I really enjoy it,” Thomsen said. “I feel track and soccer definitely complement each other and I notice I’m performing better in track because of soccer and soccer because of track.” 

She wants to make sure the underclassmen don’t get overwhelmed and take the time to enjoy the experience. 

“We encourage them and tell them there will be a time where it does slow down,” Thomsen said. “You just have to put in the work now so it gets better later.” 

As for her own personal goals, Thomsen wants to get back on the blue oval at Drake Stadium.  

“State’s always the goal. I’m really looking forward to bringing the distance med back to state from our sophomore year and I think the sprint med has a lot of promise.” 

Vorm just wants to make the most of her final year throwing for Nevada. She and Thomsen both expect the soccer team to end up at the Cownie Soccer Complex in June. 

“In shot put and discus I hope to excel and if I (don’t make state) I worked my hardest,” Vorm said. “In soccer we’re going to state - yes sir!”