We asked, and through social media, you answered

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Marilyn Choate: Pro vaccine

Becca Chidester: Pro-vaccinate. I do understand if your child is allergic to vaccines. But it drives me nuts reading comments from anti-vaccination who shame people for “not doing their research, and for ignorance”

Diane Allen: 100 percent for vaccination!

Shannon Renae: Pro. It just seems very selfish to me if parents who don’t vaccinate their kids, don’t give a crap by putting their kids at risk by getting sick from other kids. You can’t wrap your kids in a bubble all their lives and hope they don’t get sick just cuz they don’t want to vaccinate them…

Liz Gaunt: We vaccinate, however, we choose to space them out. When I was a new younger Mom I just did what I was told. Now, as a Mom of several children I have found my voice to speak up for my child. We have spent time researching, and there are a few we have decided we will not get or delay based on our knowledge of the vaccine, risk and our child. If you are putting something in your body/child’s body do the research and make an informed decision.

Cynthia Brandl: Pro

Teri Dobbs: Pro-vaccination. Anyone who does not see the advantages of vaccinations should go to jail if a child gets a disease that could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. Let alone everyone else they put in harm’s way. No excuse for not being vaccinated.

Karen Carlson: Pro vaccine!! There are so many problems with not vaccinating. It is a definite yes!!!!!

Courtney D. Reeves: Pro-vaccination — pros of most vaccines outweigh the costs. Plus you could put a child into harm by not vaccinating. My best friend’s son had leukemia and being exposed to a disease that could have been protect by a vaccine would have killed him. He was hospitalized many times because of illnesses he was exposed to in school.

Judy McCollom: YES, vaccinate!

Linda Wright: Pro vaccine!

Jane Ellen Murray: Absolutely necessary!

Penni Vary: Pro

Alycia Edson: Pro-vaccination! I would rather have a child with a reaction to one than a child that dies because they contract a preventable disease.

Kathy Johnson: There is no reason for any discussion. I was born in 1950 and saw first hand the ravages of polio. I remember standing in line at the local Jr High to get vaccinated. It changed everything.

Matt Miller: I am pro-vaccination, I do however wish they would separate the vaccines and space them out. I think it would be easier on the body.

Elisa Joy Slagell: Vaccinate 100%

Alicia Marie: Pro-vaccine. The one article that said vaccines cause autism was falsified data and retracted. Once eradicated diseases in the US are re-emerging, and it is frustrating to see non-scientific reasoning dictating individual choices to not vaccinate. Vaccines work by establishing herd immunity, and those allergic to components in the vaccine or having compromised immune systems are protected if the majority of the population is vaccinated. The current generations previously had the luxury of never seeing individuals afflicted with polio, measles, mumps, etc. in their childhood since everyone was vaccinated. Due to them not seeing the morbidity/mortality associated with these diseases, they view the components in a vaccine as a greater risk to their child than the diseases they had never had to experience. I really hope that parents will see the benefits of vaccination, and never have to experience seeing their child become infected with a disease that was 100% preventable.

Tim Carey: Vaccination saves lives. No one with even a modicum of common sense and scientific literacy can be anti-vax.

Deb Lavrenz Heaberlin: Vaccinate or live in a hole…and don’t come out

Kathleen Smith: Pro vaccinations

Eva Bacon: For the love of french toast, VACCINATE YOUR FAMILY!! Herd immunity works for those who physically cannot be vaccinated themselves. With so many people opting out of vaccinations, it is putting those who cannot in danger of contracting illnesses that should be eradicated. It’s infuriating!

Karen Tasa Gunderson: Vaccinate!

Christi Lynne Minear: I am 100% all for vaccinations. Even before I was a mom I was all for them. There’s a reason some of these diseases haven’t been around in a long time.

Thinh Huynh: It’s blown my mind that people out there believe a lady who posed naked for money over doctors and scientist when itcomese to vaccination. 100% pro vaccination.

Sarah Atwell: Pro-vaccine.

Dawn Tyler: PRO-VACCINE!

Jessica Ritson: Pro-Vaccines

P.J. McBride: Pro-vaccine

Beth Wagner: I stand educated. Anti-Vax parents are short sighted, dangerous to their communities and doing a disservice to their own children, whom they ignorantly put at risk.

Adam Edgington: Pro Vaccination. There is no verifiable research to support any of the claims made by the anti-vaccination groups. The lone report that linked vaccines to autism was false, as admitted by its author. After confessing his fraudulent research, he is now barred from practicing medicine EVERYWHERE.

Jenny Adelmund: This is my soapbox and I will debate it until the day I die! Pro-vaccine 100%!!! I educate about this on a daily basis in my job. Just blows my mind how anyone can argue against it. It has been proven to eradicate diseases.

Diana Dee Johnson: Pro -Vaccinations — read information available today.

Kasee Rasmussen: My three year old has all the recommended vaccinations for her age. I think the benefits FAR outweigh the risks.