Elect Freese for Iowa Senate

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

To the editor:

Those of us in Iowa Senate District 25 have an important opportunity April 10 to tell the state that one-party rule is not serving the public interest.

Bill Dix may no longer be in Des Moines, but the good ole boy attitudes and the agenda he pushed continue. A special election has been called and the choice is clear. ..elect Democrat Tracy Freese, or get more of the same.

Although this is a special election, it’s really the opening salvo for the November campaign — which will fill the seat for a full term. The session will likely be nearly over before the seat can be filled, but this is an important election. Republican fiscal mismanagement means a fall special session is a real possibility.

This is a race heavy on irony. Dix — who cost taxpayers almost $2 million with his improper firing of Kirstin Anderson — will be replaced by a woman, as the GOP challenger is also female. But more importantly, the Republicans have bragged about being the party of fiscal responsibility and family values. Their fiscal mismanagement has impaired the most basic function of any government…insuring the safety of its citizens. Underfunded and understaffed agencies continually leave Iowans in peril since Branstad and company have been in power. Nursing homes and hog confinements are no longer being adequately inspected. And then there’s the attack on Iowa’s education system.

Apparently, the issue of family values is a “do as I say, not as I do” matter. Iowa really can’t afford more of their values, nor their zeal to serve special interests and campaign contributors.

This is simply a case where voting is imperative. As citizens we have a responsibility…a duty…an obligation to vote for the candidate who will best serve the public good. Tracy Freese is that candidate in this race. She can’t reform the whole legislature, but her election will be a good start.

John Gilbert

Iowa Falls