Voting made easy and pleasant

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

To the editor:

To all those who support our free and fair elections in Story County, thank you! I have a friend who took five hours to “early” vote in North Carolina the Saturday before election day. Five hours! That’s pretty dedicated. But we have dozens of residents who commit to being at the polls all day, sometimes from early morning through early the next morning! They come early and answer questions, check people in, process ballots, hand out stickers… and some even provide polling places.

A special shout-out to Mr. Ray Lounsberry, who has provided his warm, clean, spacious garage for Story County voters for 15 years, and to the poll workers there — who are willing to take the reading glasses right off their heads if it helps a voter! My children have enjoyed looking at the various agricultural equipment, the kind attention of the poll workers, and accompanying their parents on what might have been a boring errand. They look forward to when they are old enough to add their own voices. So thank you — for helping us exercise our right to vote and making Story County voting possible. It is appreciated!

Beth Derrick