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From our Journal Facebook page this past week - we posted the following question for debate/discussion purposes. Here’s the discussion so far.

Question: We’ve often thought that there needs to be a stoplight at the corner of 19th Street and South B Avenue (right in front of McDonald’s). What are the pros and cons of putting a stoplight there? Do you think it is needed or not?


Robert Kruse: They are taking the one at 6th street and Lincoln hwy. Our chances of getting more stop lights are slim.

Deb Mertan: Yes, I feel one is warranted there.

Jason N Kristi Elliott: At least a four way stop would be good sometimes.

Olivia Logsdon: It’s a good place for one but we’ve managed to get along fine without one, besides, stop lights build up long lines that may block entrances to McDonald’s and Caseys

Olivia Logsdon: Not a whole green/yellow/red light but just a blinking red one like on 10th and Lincoln way

Laura Melton: I’ve never been held up at that intersection for too long. I would want to know if there is crash data/a safety risk to justify adding a light.

Laura Melton: Also, that could make it harder for people to pull in and out of McDonald’s and Casey’s, as the entrances are so close to the intersection the stopped traffic might create a backup.

Lisa Etzel: A 4-way stop would be good

Marcia Rima: I avoid that intersection if possible. It does need something.

Marcia Rima: Maybe a roundabout?

Amanda Johnson: I could see the issue with blocking traffic to the entrances of Casey’s and McDonald’s but at the same time I think traffic laws (or maybe courtesy??) state that you aren’t to block entrances or streets when you are stopped in traffic. But I do know not everyone follows that lol

Jessica McManus Eyanson: No. Reduce speed limit

Dolores Strum: I would think a three way stop at 11th and S B might be of some help. We have not had many accidents there that I know of. Red light may be too much at that intersection.

Kathy Pogwizd: I think a 4-way stop would be better. I do think there needs to be more traffic control at that intersection. I can’t count how many accidents I see at that corner.

Denise Mathes: The intersection could be wider to have turn lanes. One day I was at stop sign at casey’s corner and a person behind me drove up beside me and hopped the curb to make a right hand turn. Couldn’t wait their turn at sign. Plus it’s hard for trucks to turn there to go to burk’s they always hop the one on the corner of mc Donald’s. It needs a 4 way or light.

Cindy Cleveland Webb: It definitely needs some sort of traffic control.

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