Hats off to changes for the Journal in 2016

Marlys Barker

Take a look at this week’s newspaper, because it’s the last you will see it like this.

Starting next week, as we roll into 2016, the Nevada Journal will take on a new look…starting with the front page design.

It has been awhile since we’ve done much to update our look, so it’s exciting to have a new publisher that came in this year and started to help us realize the possibilities and give us the resources for a better- looking product.

Along with a new updated appearance, we will spend the coming year looking for ways to improve and strengthen content, both in print and online. Watch for a new “Check This Out” feature, highlighting a few area things to do each week, as well as our continued focus on photo galleries, in-depth news stories, coverage of meetings, column-writing, local sports and more.

Another goal we have been asked to achieve is to produce more videos to share with our readers. Right now, we frequently post videos on our Facebook page. In the future, we are looking to update our website to allow us to easily load videos there. Watch for changes to our website as the year rolls along, and hopefully one of those changes will be a soft paywall that will allow non-subscribers to view a few things on our website before they are asked to subscribe. This means that if a family member from far away wants to look at a story, they can have that opportunity.

In this new age of social media and online interaction, our goal at the small town newspaper is to be part of the digital revolution, while maintaining our integrity, accuracy and historic value to our communities. We still believe in the value of putting out a product that is recording the weekly history of our community. We are, in many ways, one big history book. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be part of your day-to-day fun online and on social media. We ask you to “like” our Facebook page to see our trivia questions and photos from long ago, as well as early postings of some stories and sharing of other big news items. We also use Facebook to reach out to readers with questions or ideas that we need for upcoming things we are writing about. It’s a great way to keep in touch with us.

Also, remember that every print subscriber is automatically a website subscriber. For under $50 a year, you can have both a print copy of the paper and access to the content that we put online - which is everything we run in print and sometimes more!

For you sports fans, watch for “Journal Joe” (Randleman) to become a Twitter guy in the near future! We are challenging Joe to join the Tweeting revolution - to Tweet messages about games he’s covering, scores and more. Be sure to follow him!

Myself, I am looking to do more and more writing this year, as I will be getting help with page layout. I want to get out there and do the stories that you want me to do. Let me help you pay tribute, talk about a great accomplishment, update you on an important community project, etc. Call me when you have something you want me to write!

As always, we need the community’s support to continue to do the things we are doing. We always love to add new subscribers, so we hope you all know that by supporting your local newspaper, you keep us here to do what we do and produce the stories that inform, educate and inspire you.

Here’s to a great 2016!

(Marlys Barker is editor of the Nevada Journal and Tri-County Times.)