Letters To the Editor: Why the Nevada High School stadium renovation will benefit our entire community

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

To the editor:

My name is Shane Higgins and let me first apologize for being late to Monday night’s school board meeting (Dec. 14) as I had intended to speak.

I have five children in the school district, ranging from kindergarten to 10th grade, so needless to say, I have a vested interest in the district. I believe we have great educators and administrators in the district and we are teaching and offering many things that our competitor schools are not.

Yes, I said “competitors.” Let’s not kid ourselves, we are competing for students to come to our district. Whether academia draws them, the fine arts draws them or athletics draw them, it is a competition and frankly, Nevada has been behind the eight ball on two of these.

Nevada recently renovated numerous facilities, including the elementary, the high school and the Josephine Tope Auditorium, with middle school renovations coming in the near future. I believe we have the best fieldhouse (gym) in our conference, but our outdoor facilities are 20 years behind the times. We have a soccer field off the school grounds, which which we don’t own, a baseball field off of school grounds which we don’t own and a football/track and field stadium that may be the worst in our conference.

After having said that, our school cannot address all those issues at one time; however, we can accomplish three of the four outdoor sporting venues with one remodel. The new stadium project resurfaces the football field as well as it completely renovates the football, soccer, track and marching bands outdoor facilities. And by bringing soccer back home, we now have beautiful stadium seating, concessions, restrooms and shelter for inclement springtime weather.

In the proposed plan, wrestling also gets a “home;” let’s be real, no wrestling coach or team wants to practice in the current location.

The stadium committee, school board, school administrators and students have put in countless hours considering this monumental task. Let’s not forget it was the student leaders who thought they would benefit with improved school pride, dedication and personal ownership of the upgraded facilities.

For those sitting in their Lazy Boys, being armchair quarterbacks after the hard work has been done, I challenge you to get involved before and during the process, not after the hard work is done. The time is right for this much needed change, not only for the Nevada Community School District, but for the entire community, while not increasing your tax dollars. This will be something the community, educators and students can be proud of for years to come.

Shane Higgins