Nevada Schools sets up mentor training for the coming school year

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor

The Nevada School District will be holding training for its TeamMates mentoring program on Aug. 6.

The training will be held in the middle school library, starting at noon that day. All who attend can enjoy a pizza lunch, provided by the school.

TeamMates mentoring is open to anyone in the community, according to Nevada Middle School Principal Dr. Lisa Hartman. “Anyone can go through training. Prior to a match happening, however, an individual would undergo a background check.”

Hartman said mentors meet with their mentees — students in grades 3 through 12 — for at least 20 minutes each week.

The mission of the mentoring program, she said, is “to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. The TeamMates mentoring philosophy is that all kids,” she said with an emphasis on the word all, “could benefit from having another trusted adult in their lives.”

Hartman shared a few comments made by kids who had mentors during the last school year:

• “Really good people that come to school to talk to and express yourself and they will listen.”

• “Someone to talk to and plan your future and hang out with.”

• “One thing I really liked during mentoring this year was showing my mentor card tricks.”

• “I can open up to my mentor.”

• “That I am stronger than I thought I was — I was able to talk about how I felt.”

• “That I am not as shy as I thought, with my TeamMate I was not so shy and felt like I could do anything.”

• “You can do a lot of things and talk about how you feel. Your mentor will play games and just have fun and time that you can just enjoy what you are doing. A chance to forget about your problems for a bit.”

The training will last about an hour-and-a-half and will consist of explanations about what TeamMates mentoring is and the importance of mentoring young people in our own community. Training also provides information on safety and ethics, and provides examples of activities to do during your meeting time.

Anyone who is interested in attending the training, or who has questions about becoming a mentor, may email Hartman at