Happy Homebodies learn to live healthy

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

The Happy Homebodies 4-H Club of Story County participated from November to June this year in the state 4-H initiative, “The Healthy Living Club.” Club challenges included switching out junk food for fruit and vegetables, and sugary drinks for water at club meetings, incorporating physical activity at every meeting, and learning techniques for fostering a healthy mind. One of the club’s favorite challenges was trying out a form of meditation known as progressive muscle relaxation. Club member Ariana Chappell stated that she enjoys the Healthy Living challenges because “they give us an opportunity to do something different that we wouldn’t usually do.” Club members agreed that they would like to continue the healthy living practices again next year. The 120 participating 4-H clubs across Iowa received points for each challenge they completed. The Happy Homebodies received a score rank of seventh place out of 61 place rankings, as of the May meeting.

Submitted by Annika and John Wheeler, club reporters