Appelgate to run for mayor as write-in candidate

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor
Rhonda Appelgate

Rhonda Appelgate, of Nevada, has announced that she is going to run for the office of mayor in Nevada with a write-in campaign.

Appelgate, 55, has run for mayor before in this write-in fashion. Her first run was in 2004, after she said city officials lied “to her and about her” when she challenged them on the interpretation of the city’s animal codes. Since 2004, she has run for a city position in every election. “I spent each year gaining experience and education on how our government works, and keeping updated on current issues and being a voice on those issues,” she said.

Appelgate likes the write-in process. “It is very important that the public learns the power that they have with their write-in powers,” Appelgate said in a prepared release about her candidacy. “It is apparent that voting only for those on the ticket is not serving us well.”

Appelgate shares her view that the public has become puppets to those in the system, and she believes corruption, abuses of power and resources is causing tremendous turmoil in the community. She states, as examples, “our finances and in the morale of the public servants, as exhibited by the problems of our police department. The fireworks chaos is also an example of the turmoil and poor management by our delegated representatives.”

If elected mayor, Appelgate said she intends to help the public empower themselves. She would like to get public response when it comes to issues by utilizing mailings, the Internet and in-person contact at City Hall.

She also wants to make a change in Nevada’s system of government, from a mayor and council to a mayor and city manager who make decisions. Appelgate said she believes it would be easier for the community to reprimand or remove the mayor or city administrator if they were corrupt and/or abusive with their power and/or resources, if this were the style of government. “I will be exploring this change, because it is proven that our leadership is irresponsible and can’t, or won’t, take the time to come together on decisions that they are charged with making on behalf of our community.”

Appelgate has lived in Story County her entire life and in Nevada for 35 years. She has two adult children, her daughter is 24 and works as a certified pharmaceutical technician in Nevada; her son is 22 and works at Story City Building Supply.

Appelgate welcomes people to visit her social media page on Facebook or to call her at 515-460-8711, so they can communicate directly with her.