Story Medical Ambulance Service recognized as service of the year

Marlys Barker, Nevada Journal Editor
Pictured are members of the Story County Medical Ambulance Service, which was recently named Ambulance Service of the Year. Members include (front row, from left) Chuck Andres, Katie Dumermuth, Jared Dumermuth; (back row) Marcus Hippen, Josh Bennett, Dean Tope, Doug Barger and Ray Beaty. Not pictured is Vince Lukehart.

Last week, Story County Medical Center’s Ambulance Service won the Iowa Emergency Medical Services Association (IEMSA) 2016 Ambulance Service of the Year Award.

Also winning recognition from the IEMSA was Story County Sheriff’s dispatcher Colin Chinery, who was named Dispatcher of the Year.

Story Medical Director of ER Dena Bailey said she is full of gratitude about the ambulance workers Story Medical has. “I am blessed to have such an amazing team of professionals to work with. I’m so proud of Story County Medical Center’s EMS staff, as I know the challenges and demands of the job. I know how exceptional they all are.”

It was actually two ambulance crew members, Jared and Katie Dumermuth, who submitted the nomination for the Service of the Year Award.

As employees of the medical center, they said they felt the service was deserving of the recognition because of the “progressive patient protocols that have been formed” within the last few years, some that may be first in the state for a paramedic-level ground ambulance.

Part of their nomination reads: “Toward the latter part of 2015, Story County Medical Center adopted a new patient protocol for the out-of-hospital ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patient. This protocol was adopted from a guideline that was released by Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines and Unity Point cardiologists for transferring a patient from an outlying ED to one of their facilities when the patient is experiencing a myocardial infarction…” The nomination went on to explain how the new protocol works.

All in all, what Story County Medical has done with this new protocol and other initiatives, the nomination said, allows the ambulance crew to “not only serve the residents of Story County and its surrounding areas better, but to also help improve patient outcomes.”

Chinery said he was greatly humbled by the award he recei