Veterans honored at Talent Factory

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal
August Nelson, U.S. Army — WWII; Raymond Kassel, U.S. Navy — WWII; Lynn Harris, U.S. Navy — WWII; Glen Samson, U.S. Army — WWII, Korean War; George (Bill) Atkinson, U.S. Coast Guard.

Nevada American Legion Auxiliary Unit 48 presented nine Quilts of Valor on Nov. 11 at The Talent Factory. Quilts of Valor would be the civilian equivalent of a Purple Heart award, and are intended to thank veterans for their service, sacrifice and valor in serving our nation in combat.

Those honored in the ceremony included:

George W. Atkinson, U.S. Coast Guard, 1950-53

Richard W. Couser, National Guard, 1948-1954 and U.S. Army, 1955-1956

Lynn D. Harris, U.S. navy, 1945-1947

Raymond L. Kassel, U.S. Navy, WWII, 1944-1946

August Nelson, U.S. Army, WWII, 1943-1946

Robert E. Olson, U.S. Air Force, Korean War, 1952-1956

Glen J. Samson, U.S. Army, WWII and Korean War, 1948-1952

Leland A. Scheid, U.S. Marines, Korean War, 1951-1953

Morris O. VanSickle, U.S. Air Force, Korean War, 1951-1952

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 48 quilters include: Ellen Becvar, Nancy Corbin, Barbara Dodd, Linda Griffith, Catherine Harrell, Elizabeth Huff, Annmarie Kurtenbach, Chriswtine Lloyd, Mary Jo McLaughlin, Carol Thompson and Mindy Tillotson. Other quilters who are not Auxiliary members, but still volunteer their time to the cause, are: Judy Allen, Beth Lycke and Jeri Mace.

Longarmers who help complete the projects are from a number of Midwest states. But two are in Iowa, and one is right here locally. The Iowans are Sandi Stark of Mason City and Vicki Swensen of Nevada.