Lots of little discussions at Monday’s Nevada council meeting

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor

Nevada City Council members had a fairly short meeting Monday, as they prepare for the end of the week, when they will be interviewing five top candidates for the city administrator vacancy.

On Monday, John Whited spoke during the public forum, asking the council to consider implementing an engine brake ordinance. “The older I get, the less I like loud things,” Whitehead said. He noted that many communities have such ordinances.

Councilman Jim Walker said he’d like for staff to get the council members copies of a few such ordinances in other towns, so they could review the matter.

The council briefly discussed the chicken ordinance as it was approving the second reading. They indicated that the police chief and animal control officer will want to talk about how they will deal with issues of people being in violation of the ordinance or what they will do if chickens get loose and need to be found. They also talked about dwelling specifics, settling on adding that it was OK for owner-occupied duplexes to also have chickens. The third reading will clarify these things at the next council meeting.

They did receive another written objection to the allowance of chickens from Nevada resident Rhonda Appelgate.

The city approved a measure to connect sewer and water in a loop between Fifth and Sixth Streets, where Cary Martin is building a second addition subdivision south of Hattery Park. As explained by Shawn Cole, city building and zoning administrator, Martin is only required to bring water to the site from one direction, but it would be a benefit to the city to have it join the property from both directions, making a loop. The funds to help the city make the rest of the loop connection was approved as a capital improvement project.

Nevada Library Director Beth Williams shared that the library had a successful week of musical lunch breaks recently. She said as the library looks ahead to its holiday celebration; it has decided to hold the celebration on a Saturday morning, Dec. 17, rather than a weeknight, so that they can try to catch a few families who might be busy during the week and unable to attend at that time.

Councilwoman Barb Mittman asked if the city’s police department will be reimbursed monies paid for Christine Rosen’s training. She has been terminated from the police department after being charged with domestic assault and two counts of obstruction of emergency communication. Because Police Chief Ric Martinez was not present, no one could answer the question. Mittman said she’d follow up on it with the chief.

City consulting engineer Larry Stevens with HR Green said that after recent conversations about the dust situation on 11th Street at the north end of Nevada, the city has come up with a different recommendation and cost estimates for 11th Street and W Avenue. That recommendation will be presented at a budget meeting on Nov. 28, he said.