Musical Lunch Breaks - A Nevada Tradition

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal
Middle school instrumental students (from left) Logan Klein, Korin Kenealy, Austin Kruzich, Theo Skelton, Nicole MacVey, Charlie Adams, Eleanor Elliott-Rude, Kyle Dieter and middle school band director, Nate Fair.

In a coordinated effort between the Nevada Public Library, the Nevada schools’ music departments and Central Elementary School, fall musical lunch breaks were held last week at the library over the noon hour for several days. Each day, a different elementary classroom was invited in to hear a different group of musicians from either the middle or high school. Last Thursday, the following middle school students (listed in no particular order) entertained with their instruments: Nicole MacVey, flute; Charlie Adams, clarinet; Eleanor Elliot-Rude, tenor sax; Kyle Dieter, baritone sax; Logan Klein, trumpet; Korin Kenealy, French horn; Theo Skelton, trombone; and Austin Kruzich, snare drum. Several members of the community also came to listen in, while eating their lunches at tables provided at the back of the room.