Story County Genealogy Society librarian discusses research methods

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

Our libraries are full of rich resources, but sometimes finding such information can be frustrating when searching the digital catalog. Mary Lohr, a long time librarian, will share the secrets of effective and successful searches in the library catalog. Knowing how to use the digital catalog will help you find valuable information at the library!

Mary Lohr, SCGS librarian and genealogist, began working as an undergraduate student at the Lincoln Library, South Dakota State University. She continued her library adventure for an additional thirty-five years at Parks Library, Iowa State University. She has seen the evolution of the library catalog from typed catalog cards to an online system. While the methods have changed, the task is still the same: using the library catalog to find the material and information you need.

Mary Lohr will address the Story County Genealogical Society on Monday, Oct. 10, 6:30 p.m. at the Ames Public Library auditorium.