Colo-NESCO senior scholarships, grants and awards

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

The following are scholarships and awards given to Colo-NESCO seniors:

Molly Barten: Des Moines Register All-State Academic Recognition, Governor’s Scholar Recognition, E. Wayne Cooley scholarship, Central State Bank scholarship, Aureon STEM scholarship, Iowa State Bar Association and Story County Bar Association scholarship, Colo-NESCO Athletic Booster scholarship, Buena Vista University President’s scholarship ($24,000), Buena Vista University Trustee scholarship ($4,000), Elk National Foundation scholarship ($500)

Katrina Cassady: Mid-State Milling scholarship

Jacob Clatt: Colo Fire & Rescue scholarship, Colo-NESCO Athletic Booster scholarship, Marshalltown Community College Future Leader scholarship ($1,000)

Sean Cutler: U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete award, Colo-NESCO Memorial scholarship, Colo Fire & Rescue scholarship, Colo-NESCO School Foundation scholarship, Harold and Irene Heil Work Ethic scholarship, Briar Cliff Academic scholarship ($10,500), Briar Cliff Baseball scholarship ($3,000), Pell grant ($5,920), Iowa Tuition grant ($5,650), Fed SEOG grant ($1,000), Incentive grant ($1,000)

Cole Dulaney: Iowa State University President’s scholarship ($8,000)

Richard Griffin: Donor of Distinction from LifeServe Blood Center

Chelsea Henze: Bernie Saggau award, University of Northern Iowa grant ($1,200)

Matthew Hill: U.S. Marine Corps Academic Excellence award, Colo-NESCO Athletic Booster scholarship, Central College President’s scholarship ($18,000), Bridge scholarship ($3,000)

Katherine Johannes: Colo-NESCO Musical Excellence award, DMACC Foundation scholarship ($1,000)

Caitlin McLoud: Minerva Valley Telephone Company scholarship, Iowa State University RAI scholarship, Iowa State University Cardinal Leadership scholarship, Iowa State University Hixson Opportunity scholarship, Northern Iowa Cheese scholarship

Bryce Niemeyer: Marshalltown Community College Future Leader scholarship ($1,000), American Royal scholarship ($1,000), Rena Brands Education Trust scholarship ($8,764)

Garrett Packer: Northwestern College Athletic scholarship ($6,000), Northwestern College Collegiate Honor scholarship ($11,000), Iowa Tuition gran ($5,650)

Rylie Reischauer: University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Scholars’ award ($2,000), SBS scholarship ($3,000), Wells Fargo Team Member’s Dependent Children scholarship ($1,500)

Mackenna Ruffcorn: Colo-NESCO Athletic Booster scholarship, Morningside Founder scholarship ($10,000), Morningside grant ($1,000), Morningside Achievement award ($7,000), Travel grant ($1,000)

Spencer Short: U.S. Marine Corps National School Choral award, John Phillip Sousa award, Don McIntosh Memorial scholarship, Dordt Academic scholarship ($2,000), J.W. Berry and Berry R. Myers scholarship ($5,000), Maxine R. Stouffer scholarship ($2,000)

Shelby Smith: Harold and Irene Heil Work Ethic scholarship