Nevada FFA attends 212° and 360° conferences

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal
Nevada FFA members that attended National FFA 212 Degree and 360 leadership conferences. From left to right — front row, Madysen Farmer, Eden Highland, Samantha Lindsey, Lindsey Donnelly; second level, Camrae Shakel, Rylee Stevenson; third level, Calvin Mwirigi, Madison Fitz, Carter Luing, Carter Melton; fourth row, Anna Brown, Madison Davis, Claira Miller, Avery Mather; fifth row, Hailee Weber, Bailey Bartholomew, Amanda Boer, Camryn Ludwig; back row, Wyatt Frerk, Carter Franzen, Megan Mumm, Caitlyn Sharp, Rebekka Ritter.

Twenty-three Nevada High School students and FFA members departed Nevada High School Saturday morning, Nov. 12, at 7:30 a.m. and headed for the Iowa FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny on the DMACC campus.

Thirteen students attended the 212° leadership conferences. The 212° Conference is a leadership conference created by the National FFA Organization and is open to FFA members in ninth or 10th grade. 212° is the temperature at which water boils. At 211°, water is extremely hot, but just one more degree takes up another level and changes its state. The 212° conference challenges students to push past their limits to the boiling point of leadership.

Ten students attended the 360 Degree program. The 360° Conference is a leadership conference created by the National FFA Organization and is open to FFA members in 11th or 12th grade. This conference takes students full circle through chapter leadership development. Attendees will learn how to develop action plans for their chapters from every angle. Themes for this conference are vision and influence. “I am so impressed with young people that are willing to make time on a Saturday to learn how to become better, understand self-assessment and inspire others!” added Cooper.

One high school chapter had vehicle trouble and was stranded in Jewell near I35. Cooper was asked if would drive to Jewell with his bus and pick them up, to which he replied, “certainly!” The eight students were picked up in Jewell and at the conference by 10:15 a.m.

The conference fee was $40 per student, Nevada FFA chapter paid for the fee. Dinner consisted of roast pork, green beans almandine, baked tiny potatoes and dinner roll. Desserts included pumpkin bars, cherry pastries, chocolate cake and assorted pies. During breaks, a variety of cookies were served. The day-long activities concluded around 5:30 p.m.