Nevada Rotary Club had key role in 1940s community development

Contributed news from Nevada Rotary
Special to the Journal
Nevada Rotary Club president, Emmi Miller, wears her grandfather’s WWII era Navy uniform, while Rotarian Bernie Stephenson portrays 1940s club secretary, Elmer Schindler.

Starting under the cloud of World War II, the focus of the Rotary Club of Nevada shifted from world peace toward community building as the decade of the 1940s progressed.

At a recent Rotary event, 1940s era club secretary Elmer Schindler, portrayed by Rotarian Bernie Stephenson, spoke of the challenges faced at the end of the war, with large segments of the country’s homes lacking running water and central heating.

By 1945, local newspapers began to feature headlines of activity on the home front – the State Fair, music concerts, banking regulations and preparations for the Iowa Centennial.

In service to the community, the Rotary Club of Nevada sponsored annual Rotary  Farmer Night events featuring outside speakers on markets and new methods of weed control. The club also continued its commitment to service through support of the Rotary Foundation.

As it nears its 100th anniversary, the Rotary Club continues to support the local community through local service days, yard clean-up for the elderly, donations to the school nurse fund, literacy projects, scholarships and contributions to SCORE park facilities.

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