Nevada Rotary club revisits economic and global challenges of the 1930s

Contributed news from Nevada Rotary
Special to the Journal
Emmi Miller, right, president of the Rotary Club of Nevada, portrays a woman from the 1930s and member Dick Pringnitz portrays the 1930s era club secretary.

Continuing its year-long centennial celebration, on Aug. 4 the Nevada Rotary club hosted 1930s era Club Secretary Paul Rush, portrayed by Dick Pringnitz, and a local woman from that time, portrayed by Emmi Miller, to share a glimpse of global conditions and local responses.

Then, as now, Rotarians had a strong interest in global affairs and local service. The local newspapers set the stage with broad coverage of world issues, and club program topics ranged from Prohibition to the stock market crash and from FDR’s New Deal to the emerging war in Europe.

Their dedication to service and local issues were revealed through sponsoring a regional event on club service; district praise for efforts to become a force in the community; participation in a round table on international affairs; and hosting speakers on peace, international fellowship and emerging health issues.

The Nevada Rotary Club is proud of its history and its role in the Rotary International’s dedication to programs that promote peace; fight disease; and provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

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