Nevada Rotary Club celebrates its founding in the 1920s

Contributed news from Nevada Rotary
Special to the Journal
Dan Johnson, a Nevada Rotary member, portrays the role of Frank Flack, one of the founding members of the local organization.

On July 7, the Rotary Club of Nevada began its year-long centennial celebration of the founding of its club with a presentation by one of its founders, Frank Flack, the local manager of the Iowa Railway and Light Company, portrayed by local Rotarian, Dan Johnson.

Not unlike today, the people of the early 1920s were reeling from the effects of a global pandemic, involvement in foreign wars and immigration issues. At the same time, it was also described as an “age of miracles” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In this environment, five men laid the foundation for the charter of a local Rotary Club, with a slogan of “He profits most who serves best.” 

A founding principle was the use of “classifications” to ensure a membership representing the diversity of businesses and professions in the community. After nearly 100 years, the club continues to include a broad cross-section of the community and operates under the international motto of “Service Above Self.”

Over the next year, the club will reflect upon not only its own history, but the global forces that have shaped our world and daily lives in each decade since its founding.

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