NMS students qualify for District History Day

Contributed news from Nevada Middle School
Nevada Middle School students who qualified for the District History Day competition are, front row, left to right, Amara Ose, Kayla McLeod, Lydia Nelsen, Vanessa Reid, Allyson Anderson, Caitlin Johnson, Gavin Rice, Kane Williams, second row, Aubrey Thompson, Harmony Cummins, Leah Biensen, Lily Henderson, Harper Schnettgoecke, Isabella Barker, Jackson Burlage, Easton Gray, Gabe Kramer, back row, Kambry Katzer, Alexis Muschick, Mya Spykerman, Josslyn Leach, Meagan McGaffin, Gracie Dodson, Kobe Thiphasouk, not pictured, Claudia Edmonds, Abigail French, Lilly Garland, Preston Hennager, Kiah Larson, Keegan Mather and Keely Williams.

Nevada Middle School eighth-graders focused on “Communication in History” as they presented their National History Day projects on Feb. 5 at NMS.  

In its 20th year at NMS, the Local History Day Fair is part of the National History Day Program that uses history to challenge students to improve their research, analytical and communication skills. Students completed in-depth research projects on a subject of their choice related to this year's theme of “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.” Working individually or collaboratively, students designed exhibits, produced documentaries, created slide presentations, developed websites or wrote historical papers that explain their topic's significance in history. Evaluation emphasizes the use of primary sources and in-depth research, as well as the ability to draw conclusions and analyze information.

The local fair included 37 exhibits, 11 websites, two documentaries, one historical paper and four slide presentations.

Several entries qualified for the Virtual District History Day scheduled for March 11, coordinated by Central College in Pella. The following students are district qualifiers:

Individual Exhibits – Lydia Nelsen (The Radio); Harmony Cummins (The Underground Railroad Quilts Code); and Lily Henderson (The Polio Vaccine)

Group Exhibits – Jackson Burlage, Easton Gray and Kane Williams (Vietnam War Protests); Kambry Katzer and Lilly Garland (Fred Rogers); Allyson Anderson, Abigail French and Josslyn Leach (The Pony Express); Gavin Rice and Kobe Thiphasouk (Homing Pigeons); and Keegan Mather and Harper Schnettgoecke (The Underground Railroad)

Individual Websites – Gracie Dodson (Morse Code); Preston Hennager (The Hubble Space Telescope); Gabe Kramer (Cold War Propaganda); and Keely Williams (Black Panther Movement)

Group Websites – Isabella Barker and Meagan McGaffin (Sesame Street); Vanessa Reid and Mya Spykerman (Anne Frank’s Journey); and Alexis Muschick, Amara Ose and Aubrey Thompson (Amber Alert)

Group Documentaries – Leah Biensen, Caitlin Johnson, and Kiah Larson (Braille) and Claudia Edmonds and Kayla McLeod (Barbie)

A big thank you to the judges of this year's History Fair: Henry Corbin, Kris Corbin, Emily DeYoung, Alycia Edson, Chris Hinson, Roy Justus, Justin Kuethe, Colleen Moyer, Devon O’Connell, Kathy Schultz, Emily Shuka, Brook Thompson and Kate Wieczorek.