Nevada High School ag mechanics students learn welding

Contributed news from Nevada High School
Nevada High School ag mechanics students pose in the welding lab with new coats and auto-darkening helmets: front row, left to right, Travis Dodd, Zach Deveno, Karter Beving, second row, Aden Bearden, Jeremy Hansen, Adam Pratt, Sam Hanson, Calvin Franzen, back row, Marcus Nelsen, Keegan Jones, Rowan Steele, Brandon Martinez, Danny Wood, Kam Huffaker, Marcus Holveck, Dallas Lyon, not pictured, Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School agriculture education instructor and FFA advisor.

Twenty-two Nevada High School ag mechanics students have been learning basic welding with Miller MIG wire welders. All of the students have recently purchased protective welding coats, along with auto-darkening helmets. With the auto-darkening helmets, the helmet can stay down with clear view through the window, once the arc flashes, the lens darkens for eye protection.

The helmets also have a “grind” setting so helmets can stay down while grinding, but still offer a clear view of the work area. Most of the helmets and coats were purchased with federal Perkins CTE funds. Nevada FFA also contributed $720 for additional helmets. 

Nevada High School ag mech student Zach Deveno practices welding.