Sloans bringing a whole different type of show to the Talent Factory this September

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor

Larry and Cindy Sloan are stepping outside their usual “family entertainment” zone and trying something really new and really risque in an upcoming show at the Talent Factory in Nevada.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, get ready ladies…the “Girls Night Out” dancers, a “male revue,” are coming to the stage for an 8 p.m. show.

“The show will feature very muscular and attractive male dancing in what could only be described as a ‘sexy manner,’” said Larry Sloan, who answered our questions. “The men will not be naked, but will be dressed scantily.”

Sloan said Girls Night Out can best be compared to a “male burlesque show, where dancers are choreographed to look as attractive as possible.”

The Talent Factory has gained enough notoriety, Sloan said, that instead of him seeking out shows, many performers are now calling him. “They (the Girls Night Out dancers) contacted us by email about having a show.”

In considering bringing them to Nevada, Sloan said they teased the show through social media and were surprised at the huge amount of interest in tickets that they received. Most of the interest, Sloan said, “not surprisingly,” came from females of varying ages.

He and his wife took notice. “While it may be adult (content), it’s also just for fun and no laws are being broken,” he said.

The Sloans have seen shows like this before. “We have seen mixed revue shows in Las Vegas and on cruises…they were targeted for adult-only audiences, as this one is. This is a Vegas-style show, much like the Chippendales, Hunks, Thunder From Down Under, Magic Mike’s Revue and so on.”

Those attending the show must be at least 21 year old and will be ID’d at the door and at the concessions stands, as alcohol-related products will be sold. Sloan added that the management of the show, and keeping things orderly, will be a big part of having this show at his venue.

“We will be looking for anyone who may be intoxicated and will cut off those who appear to have over-indulged,” he said. “The dancers will have their own rules about who and what physical contact is appropriate and what is not. Anyone not following the house rules will be asked to leave immediately, and there will be no refunds.”

What it all boils down to, he said, is that this is very new to them in terms of entertainment. “It will be the first adult dance revue (at The Talent Factory), and the turnout and general behaviors from everyone will determine whether it will be repeated. Our goal, 99 percent of the time, is family programming;, however, on a few rare occasions, we will have an adult-oriented show. If the show is not successful, we simply will not book others like it.”

Despite the management and rules that have to be in place for this show, Sloan is excited about the possibility of opening his doors to another unique crowd. After all, each type of show draws its own type of audience, and this one may definitely bring in some newcomers.

“It’s always fun to bring a different type of show in,” he said.

Ticket cost for Girls Night Out varies from $21.95 for general admission; to $29.95 for general admission-plus, which includes autographed photo, plus a meet and greet with the cast following the show; to VIP tickets at $39.95, which include a lanyard with VIP Pass, bumper sticker, key chain, the autographed photo and the meet and greet with the cast following the show.

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