Prepare for alternate travel plans in Nevada as RAGBRAI goes through

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

On Wednesday, July 25, RAGBRAI will be passing through the city of Nevada. Over 20,000 bicyclists will be using Lincoln Highway as they travel east through Story County.

Due to the vast number of bicyclists on the roadway, vehicle traffic will be restricted on Lincoln Highway. The city of Nevada will be closing access to Lincoln Highway from 600th Avenue to 19th Street from 6 a.m. to noon. Citizens are encouraged to use alternate routes to cross Lincoln Highway.

Sixth Street will be closed from N Avenue to J Avenue for vendors. Foot traffic crossing Lincoln Highway is encouraged to take place on Sixth Street.

Public Safety personnel will monitor the flow of bicyclists and begin opening intersections as soon as conditions permit. Citizens are encouraged to follow the Nevada Police Department’s Facebook page for updates on intersection availability.

The Nevada Public Safety Department has plans to address emergency situations throughout the community, with both police, fire and EMS response. If necessary, police will stop traffic to allow emergency vehicles to travel from one side of Lincoln Highway to the other. Emergency services will not be affected by the road closure.

Police officers will be on bicycles and in patrol cars. They will be in yellow shirts marked “POLICE” for extra visibility. Volunteers will be at intersections to maintain the closure and assist with opening intersections when conditions permit.

The public will not have vehicular access to Lincoln Highway for the duration of the RAGBRAI Event. If a citizen is on a bike or on foot, then crossing Lincoln Highway will be allowed; citizens are encouraged to look at alternative methods for traveling from one part of town to another.

220th Street is directly north of Lincoln Highway and runs from Interstate 35 to County Road S27 (the Maxwell Turnoff). Access to 220th Street will not be affected by RAGBRAI. Access to Highway 30 will not be affected by RAGBRAI. While this may be inconvenient, driving to I-35 will allow individuals to get from one side of town to the other.