Local Christian artist to perform locally, including at Lincoln Highway Days

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor
Nevada resident and Christian singer, songwriter Johnathan Stone, will be featured in several local performances coming up this summer. Two of those are on July 14 — an afternoon performance in Story City and an evening performance with Sandy and Chris Clark at The Talent Factory in Nevada. Residents should also watch for Stone and other members of a group he belongs to, called TAG, performing from the canopy above the theater building’s marquee on Saturday afternoon of Lincoln Highway Days, Aug. 25. Photo by Marlys Barker

Nevada’s Christian music artist Johnathan Stone has had some great opportunities to perform in faraway places. This summer, he’s finally getting the opportunity to perform in his hometown and home county.

“It’s awesome being back home,” said the 30-year-old singer, songwriter, who grew up in Nevada, went to Ames High, dropped out of school and eventually found the Lord and music.

Most of the time, he said, he tells local fans they need to go to where he’s performing. This time, “I’m bringing it to them.”

On Saturday, July 14, Stone will have two performances on the same day.

That afternoon, he’s been asked to be one of the opening performers at the Life Light Christian music festival in Story City’s South Park. The main act at that festival will be Hollyn, one of Stone’s favorite Christian artists.

Stone said Life Light puts on festivals all over the country, and he was asked to perform at this one by Kinship Christian Radio, which is out of Minnesota but has a station in Story City.

Later that evening, he will perform in a 7 p.m. show at Nevada’s Talent Factory with local talents Sandy and Chris Clark. It’s mostly Sandy’s concert, called “Sandy Clark American Made,” but Stone is honored to be able to perform at least one solo song and also join with Sandy and Chris on a song they have recorded together and will sing live that evening.

Talent Factory owner Larry Sloan is excited to have another local performer at his venue. “We try to promote local performers whenever we get the chance,” he said. And as far as Sandy and Chris Clark go, Sloan said, they always put on a good show. “Sandy is freakish about the details,” he said, as a compliment to her hard work that goes into all the planning.

Stone said he will have another opportunity to perform on the Talent Factory canopy over the marquee during Lincoln Highways Days, Aug. 25. “Myself and members of the Transparent Art Group (TAG) will be outside on the canopy (weather permitting) that afternoon to give a preview for a show that’s coming to the Talent Factory on Sept. 15,” he said.

Five of the members of TAG, which includes mostly Des Moines-area performers, will be showcasing the Sept. 15 show during Lincoln Highway Days. They will preview their kind of hip-hop, a positive Christian style of the hip-hop genre.

“I’ve shied away from hip-hop in the past, mostly because I didn’t like the message,” Sloan said. But he’s listened to what Stone and the members of TAG have to say in their songs and “what he’s doing, it will work.” And Sloan believes it will work well from the canopy above the Talent Factory’s marquee.

Sloan said they’ve considered putting performers up there before. “You envision the rooftop concert of the Beatles,” he said, referring to the Beatles’ final public performance in a central London office and fashion district from the roof of the headquarters of the band’s multimedia corporation, Apple Corps.

“It will project sound well,” Sloan said of the canopy spot, but he said it might echo a bit too.

Stone hopes people will listen to the performance while they make their way around the main business district, and he said they might want to listen closely, as there will likely be special promotions on discounted tickets for the Sept. 15 show during that time. The Sept. 15 show, he added, will be a great show for everyone, especially youth. “We like to bring a lot of energy; like to make you jump,” Stone said. But it’s all, lyrics especially, very clean.

The opportunities that Stone has to return to his hometown and home county have him excited about the possibilities for more things locally. “There’s so much to come for Nevada … I would like to be another positive influence and help this town grow.”

Other Talent Factory shows to note:

Larry Sloan, owner of The Talent Factory, said another Christian group will be performing at the Talent Factory on July 27. The “4 ONE Quartet,” out of Michigan, will bring its concert of Southern Gospel to Nevada. The name, Sloan’s wife Cindy explains, is the number 4, for the men; the number ONE for God; and Quartet for the style of music. It will be this group’s first time at the Talent Factory. General Seating tickets are $10 each.

Also on Lincoln Highway Days weekend, Friday evening, Aug. 24, the Temptations Revue Featuring Nate Evans will return to the Talent Factory for a big show. Preferred seating will be $40 a seat; general seating is $30 a seat.

If you are looking for a great show this coming weekend, Saturday, July 7, Keith Allynn performs as “Neil Diamond” at the Talent Factory. The show starts at 7 p.m.

For more information on all Talent Factory Shows, go to The Talent Factory Facebook page, or to The Talent Factory website: www.iowatalentfactory.com. Or call in for tickets at 515-382-0085.