Nevada City Council grants change in liquor license to Time Out

Marlys Barker Nevada
Journal Editor

Time Out owner Chris Harding-Ristau was at the Nevada City Council meeting Monday, as the council approved a revised alcohol license for her business in Nevada.

Harding-Ristau was asked by Councilwoman Barb Mittman to explain why she was requesting the change from a beer/wine license to a Class “LC” Liquor License.

Harding-Ristau said the business had just celebrated its one-year anniversary in Nevada and the first year has taught her and her sons, who help run the business, some things.

“I really wanted to do something for the youth in Nevada, but I’m just not seeing it,” she said. “I’ve been more of a drop-off site for kids if they don’t have any money and they’re out wandering the streets… I’ve had more of a call for adults.”

Harding-Ristau, who will be opening a second Time Out location in Ames, said adults are where their focus needs to be, but they will still open their facilities for families some of the time.

They haven’t worked out all the details yet, but she said at earlier times during the days, most likely on weekends, they will have times for families with kids, but at a set time, maybe around 7 p.m., everyone will have to be of drinking age with a special stamp.

She said she told her own boys she would give the idea of doing something for the kids a full year to see if it would catch on, but she said unfortunately a lot of the kids who come in without adults are making her business more like a playground. “And it’s not really a playground.”

The council unanimously approved her request for a new liquor license so she can proceed with the changes to her business.