On the ‘Mooove’

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

Michelle Fullerton of Nevada was one of several travelers along Lincoln Highway west of Nevada on Saturday to find an interesting sight coming at them in the other lane…a cow was traveling west, trailed by vehicles from Nevada Police and Story County Sheriff’s department. Fullerton’s post on social media created a lot of chatter about the situation. Commenters did notice that the cow was staying in its own lane. One commenter noted that maybe it was a 4-H cow who decided, “I’m not doing that again.” That commenter was actually on the right track. It was noted later on in the comments that the cow was a big winner at the Jasper County Fair and was in Nevada on Saturday for a big regional show, when it got loose and took off. Eventually, the cow was corralled inside the fenced area of the ethanol plant and was unharmed. Photo Courtesy of Michelle Fullerton