Nevada plans improved security for middle schoool

Ronna LawlessStaff Writer

The Nevada school district will be spending about $73,000 this summer to increase the security at the middle school.

The school board approved the project Monday that was presented by Dave Kroese, the district’s director of buildings and grounds.

“Dave’s been working on this with some contractors,” said Superintendent Steve Gray. “We tried to set this up so that it would achieve the desired view and security, and be something we wouldn’t need to redo down the road.”

Another set of doors will be added to the main entrance. The project will also replace some of the exterior with glass, so staff can see people approaching the building.

Currently there is a chance someone could enter the school unnoticed. With the new plan, visitors will be admitted by office staff.

“The one thing we were really wanting to do was to get rid of the blind entry, where people can enter our middle school and go wherever they want to,” Gray said.

Kroese said the work will begin in mid-June and will be completed by Aug. 1. The project will be paid for with SAVE funds, the statewide penny tax that funds school infrastructure.

The board members discussed various door locks, electronic latches and buzzer doors to add to the plan.

Issues of security and locked doors have to be tempered with issues of fire safety. “We have to provide an avenue to get out in case of fire,” Kroese said.