Dotty’s Donuts keeping busy two days a week

Ronna LawlessStaff Writer
Dotty’s Donuts keeping busy two days a week

It’s only open two days a week, but Dotty’s Donuts in Nevada is doing a booming business. The little restaurant at 415 Lincoln Highway has been open a little less than three months and is already adding a lunch offering to its menu.

“On Fridays, we are serving beef burgers from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” said Jack Vincent, who owns the business with his wife Carol. “Occasionally, I’ll also have a chopped brisket sandwich available, but we want to keep the menu small.”

The Vincents previously ran a different restaurant at this location, Jack’s Beef Delight and BBQ. They didn’t have enough business to support it, “and we really didn’t want to just be doing barbecue all the time,” Carol Vincent said.

But when the Vincents learned of the opportunity to become a Dotty’s Donut franchise, they thought it might be a good fit for Nevada. And it turns out they were right.

“We’re open two days a week, and we’re selling more than 1,500 donuts in those two days,” Jack said. “We deliver donuts — no charge for delivery — to Ames and Nevada.”

He said there were a large number of businesses, like banks and clinics, that order their donuts for delivery. Donuts are 80 cents each, six for $4.50 and a dozen for $8.50.

Dotty’s Donuts are cake donuts. They’re very light and airy inside and have a nice crisp outside. They come topped in a variety of normal flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, with coconut or peanuts or sprinkles.

But they also come in exotic gourmet flavors like vanilla with French onion topping, s’mores, maple pretzel, chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup, and maple bacon. The Vincents offer about 30 varieties.

“This summer, we are going to start serving hard ice cream and making ice cream sandwiches with our cake donuts,” Vincent said.

Jack and Carol are training their grandson Dalton Robey to run the restaurant. Part of that training is learning how to make the new menu item — the beef burgers.

At lunchtime on Fridays, the beef burgers are available in three sizes: Honker, Jumbo and Junior.

“The Honker has 10 ounces of beef on a half loaf of French bread,” Jack said. “It comes with my signature special sauce, lettuce, onion and cheese.”

Those toppings can also be added to the Jumbo, which has 6 ounces of beef, and the Junior, which has 4 ounces of beef. The cost of the sandwiches is $8.50, $4.75 and $3.50. When brisket is available, the cost is $1 extra per sandwich.

“Being open two days a week is keeping us busy,” Carol said. “We have people who show up at 5:30 in the morning for donuts and the door is open so they come in for donuts, even though we don’t officially open until 6.”

“And Fridays are busy for lunch,” Jack said. “We’re getting up to 60 people in here during the lunch hour. We sold 10 Honkers already today.”