Cooper Dodd finds wealth in his six years at Nevada

Marlys BarkerNevada
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Cooper Dodd finds wealth in his six years at Nevada

Senior Selection is going to be an honorary series for the Nevada Journal next year, featuring one senior (generally once a month) during the school year — six from Nevada and three from Colo-Nesco, based on recommendations from school personnel and then determined by our staff. We will seek to feature students who are well-spoken, well-grounded, polite and seem to have a good sense of where they are headed. Superiority in sports or academics will not weigh in our decision. Character and a sense of self-worth will. Congratulations to Cooper Dodd for being selected to model this series that will be coming in next year’s Nevada Journal.

In the seventh year of his 13-year elementary and secondary education, Cooper Dodd hit a gold mine.

He started attending Nevada Schools, and now as a senior, about to graduate, Dodd said he considers the years of education he received in Nevada to be exemplary.

“I have been taught a great breadth of knowledge, across many subjects. I was not at Nevada for elementary school or the first few years of middle school (fifth- and sixth-grade), but the experience I had [in seventh- and eighth-grade] gave me a strong foundation of knowledge to build my high school career on top of,” he said.

Dodd was one of those exceptional students who was able to take some high school classes while in middle school, which helped him, he said.

The other thing that helped Dodd was getting involved in things like speech and drama, technology groups, sports and music. The friendships he made by participating in a variety of things were the highlights of his time in the Nevada Schools and contributed greatly to his education, he said.

“I am very glad I participated in all of these things, because they gave me new friends, experiences and opportunities. They also made my education much more enjoyable,” he said.

While his exact career hasn’t been decided yet, Dodd said he will pursue a career that has something to do with scientific research and technology. He plans to attend college in the Midwest. He wants to have great new experiences, but not go too far away as he starts out on his own.

“I’m going to attend college after high school, and I plan to be taking a good amount of classes in those areas, with participation in as many groups and/or internships as I can find in science and acting,” he said.

Along with science, he is still passionate about theatrical arts. With these two main focuses, “I know I’ll never be bored,” he said.

“I’m excited to begin a new stage in my life and education, but I will certainly miss many aspects of high school,” he said.

One thing he will miss — Nevada’s teachers, coaches and faculty. “I know that every teacher, coach and faculty member that has taught me something over all my years at Nevada has had a very deep impression on me, because they have all been sincere, genuine mentors.” They have, he added, taught him the importance of knowledge, friendship and character.

Also important to him throughout his growing up years have been his parents, Michelle and Barry Dodd; his brother, Spencer Dodd; his grandma Shirley Smith and his dog, Shelly. “All my family members have been extremely helpful in my education, because they have always been supportive of whatever I do and they encourage me to do more.”

Ideally, Dodd said, he hopes to lead a life that is happy, entertaining, successful and free of concern.

His advice to underclassmen: “Continuously build on what you know you want to do for higher education and/or career. It will benefit you in the long run to start as early as you can figuring out your future plans. Still, do not worry about the future, because you don’t want to forget to experience and enjoy the present.”

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