No resolution yet to downtown, early morning parking concerns

Marlys BarkerNevada
Journal Editor

After nearly an hour of continued discussion about the parking ordinance that prohibits parking from 2-6 a.m. in Nevada’s downtown area, the Nevada City Council came up short on finding a solution to one business’s problems with the ordinance.

As discussed at a previous council meeting, Wes Hubbard, owner of Fitness AdvantEdge, had a customer get ticketed for parking on the street in front of his 24-hour fitness center earlier this year. Hubbard has had a 24-hour facility for nine years, and no one has been ticketed before, even though parking between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. is prohibited by city ordinance.

At the previous meeting, it was decided that a committee of city representatives would look at the matter and propose a solution, but the proposed solution of making the prohibited parking hours 3-5 a.m. didn’t seem to solve all concerns, and was not approved by the council.

Instead, other options were voiced Monday, including changing the wording of the ordinance to allow people with legitimate and legal business purposes to park on main street during the prohibited hours, having the city issue permits to people who would be allowed to park during prohibited hours or allowing parking on opposite sides of the street on alternate days. Every solution brought forth was met with its share of drawbacks and concerns from council members, and in the end, nothing had a consensus for support.

Several people showed up to voice support for Hubbard’s business and its needs, asking the council to do its best to figure out a fair solution to help him operate the business and serve his customers.

The matter was once again turned over to a committee to go through options and come back with a recommendation for the council at its next meeting.

In other business:

n Mayor Lynn Lathrop noted that with the passing of Story County Supervisor Paul Toot, there might be a delay with meetings between the city, county and DOT to discuss the Highway 30 project, because Toot was the county’s voice on the task force. Toot’s name also came up during comments made by Library Director Beth Williams, who said she will represent the library community at Toot’s funeral this week, because Toot was a big supporter of the libraries.

n Director of Public Safety Ric Martinez said that Ames Fire and Colo Fire had Nevada’s back recently while engine 110 was in Illinois receiving service. The two departments were ready to cover for Nevada if needed.

n Building and Zoning Administrator Shawn Cole said the asphalt project in the north part of town has been started and will hopefully be finished soon, weather permitting. Then workers will be out of town for a while, but returning after a few weeks to start asphalt work in the south part of town.