Mock accident staged at Colo-Nesco High School

Photos and Information by Trinity BarkerContributing Writer
Mock accident staged at Colo-Nesco High School

During the rainy morning of Thursday, April 28, Colo-Nesco held a surprise mock car accident in the school’s parking lot.

In preparation for prom weekend, the student council and a few faculty members put together the crash to highlight the consequences of drunk driving. The Story County Sheriff’s office, fire departments and other rescue personnel, including some from Story County Medical Center, were enlisted to help and recreate the accident scene.

Seniors Christian Montgomery, Ricki Grover, Morgan Dunahoo and Hannah Reischauer participated in the mock crash and portrayed the drunk driver, critically injured passenger, badly injured driver and dead passenger, respectively. Junior student council members, Grace Stalzer and Rachel Vincent, were also actors who arrived on scene to call for help and react to the accident. The whole event was junior Angela Brinkman’s idea, and she read the poem at Hannah’s “service.”

In an effort to give the whole thing a greater impact on the audience, only a select few were allowed to know about the mock accident prior to the actual event. Immediately following the event, an assembly was held that featured a slide show of the “deceased” passenger, Hannah Reischauer, Brinkman’s poem and a message from two Sheriff’s deputies about the charges the “driver,” Christian Montgomery, would have faced if the situation was real.