Nine Communities, Nine Women, One Question

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

Question: What is something that you usually make for Christmas, that if you did not make it, would be a big disappointment to your family?

Ruth Moody of Maxwell

Grandma’s pecan rolls and ham balls. Moody said they’ve had those two things forever because her mom always made them.

Cindy Ringgenberg of Kelley

She doesn’t have it every year, but when she successfully finds Swedish Potato Bologna, Cindy loves to serve it. She is very proud of her Swedish heritage.

Jessica Krause of Slater

Her mom’s scalloped corn. “It’s delicious, one, and it was always my favorite since I was a little kid.”

Any Kohlwes, Colo City Clerk

Amy makes green bean casserole every Christmas, because it’s a family tradition to have it.

Kathy Polk of Zearing

Kathy makes Orange Bourbon Pecans and everyone who eats them thinks they’re addicting. They contain pecans, bourbon, orange flavoring, brown sugar and salt. You bake them until they are crunchy!

Pat Bartleson of Cambridge

Pat always makes kumla, lefsa and kringla because of her Norwegian heritage.

Jodi Tiffany of Collins

Jodi makes pumpkin rolls with cream cheese filling for Christmas, because her family thinks they are really good.

Laura Melton of Nevada

Laura makes the peanut butter and Ritz crackers covered with almond bark, which everybody loves. And for her husband Ryan, who is vegan, she always makes a vegan pumpkin pie.

Julie Huxford of Huxley

Julie always has biscuits and gravy, among other breakfast foods, with her family on Christmas morning.