Nevada pastor returns to India for ministry purposes

Marlys Barker
Nevada pastor returns to India for ministry purposes

A Nevada pastor believes that when you travel abroad, the world gets smaller, while your view of life gets broader.

So when the opportunity came for Greg Kinzle to return to India, a place that he travelled to in 2011, Kinzle couldn’t let it pass him by. The Nevada pastor, who has been with Nevada’s Living Water Fellowship church for eight years, was gone most of November, leaving on the 2nd of that month and returning on the 25th. And above all else, he said he learned to love others better during his month-long experience.

“I learned that human need is a powerful tool for God to use to draw people toward him,” Kinzle said. “There is strength in the body of Christ in different places.” And Kinzle believes that all of us can learn from the people in those places.

“People have the same struggles wherever they are from. They want to know, am I important (and lovable), and can I be significant?” He said Jesus answers all those questions with a resounding, “Yes.”

India is special to the Kinzles. “My wife, Tess, and I have had a burden for that part of the world since the late 1980s,” he said. A pastor here in the United States — one Kinzle had met back in 2011 and stayed in touch with — had contacted Kinzle about going back to India this year to provide ministry. He had to cancel, but Kinzle felt that he should still go on his own. “I went alone and connected with (the people of India).” While he saw a few familiar faces from his previous trip, Kinzle said for the most part, “I was meeting new people the whole time.”

The purpose of the trip, he said, was three-fold: 1) To minister to the churches in India through teaching and encounters on the Holy Spirit and teach them how to do what Jesus did on earth; 2) To do research into how he and others can help the Indian church for the long term; and 3) To explore connections that could be made for future ministry.

In India, he said, “You see a completely different way of life, and it helps you understand that there are different ways to live in this world. It also helped me see needs that I could help meet as a leader in the Body of Christ.”

One of the big moments that stood out during Kinzle’s trip, he recalled, was when several Hindus came to a meeting needing a touch from Jesus. “They were desperate for God to do something. It was an honor to see God move their hearts and meet their needs.”

Kinzle said he came home with a vision of how to mentor young adults from India and also here in the States. “There are many young adults looking for guidance and encouragement, and they are the people that God will use to lead the body of Christ into new areas and opportunities,” he said.

By interacting with people of other nations, Kinzle believes he can better help lead local people to have more purpose and dream bigger for their lives in Christ. “It is amazing what God can do if we can dream and step out,” he said. And it’s wonderful to know, he adds, that there are people all over the world who are interested in Jesus. “It’s quite encouraging to understand that.”