A tree goes through the roof of one Nevada home

Marlys Barker
A tree goes through the roof of one Nevada home

Gale Lenning-Lingenfelter has come up with a creative way to slow down the traffic past her house this month.

With the help of her husband, Willie, Gale created a Christmas display that gives the illusion of a tree going through the roof of their house, located at 827 R Ave., Nevada.

“The idea was sent to me on Facebook by a friend,” Gale said. “We are always looking for different kinds of displays for our trees. It is not uncommon for us to have up to 11 trees up at our home. We even have a tree hanging from the ceiling. I love decorating for Christmas and watching our grandchildren’s delight.”

Gale said she comes up with or decides on the ideas for new displays and then counts on Willie to help her make them happen.

The tree appearing to go through the roof has garnered lots of comments and slow-moving traffic. “From the comments and people stopping by, I think it is a hit,” Gale said.

The Lingenfelters usually have the lights on by 5:30 p.m. each evening for anyone wanting to drive by and check out the display.