Unique business venture comes to Nevada’s downtown

Marlys Barker

A newly added retail business is blossoming inside the NuCara Pharmacy these days.

Scriptive Solutions Custom Apparel, owned by Nevada alum April Heintz, has brought her vintage, sparkly and unique fanwear to Nevada’s downtown.

“I approached Brett Barker at NuCara in regard to an idea,” Heintz said. “Rather than compete with area organizations, we agreed that our primary goal was to find a way to work collaboratively to provide a unique apparel offering to the community and customers.”

“I work with many booster clubs, schools, teams, businesses and organizations around Iowa, providing embroidery, screen printing and many other types of apparel customization,” Heintz said. She is counting on close communication with these organizations to gain insight into trends that are popular and may be worthy of larger inventories.

“In the upcoming weeks, representation of local and surrounding area spirit items can be found at NuCara,” she said.

The sparkly, vintage style clothing is one of Heintz’s many offerings and is something that currently isn’t represented, nor competitive with apparel offered by groups in the area. “Realistically, most retailers aren’t able to meet the needs or taste of everyone that walks through their doors; however, because of the personal nature of my business, I am able to custom-fit just about anyone’s taste and style without the large quantity minimums required by other vendors.”

Heintz adds that if a customer has an idea or request, “it’s likely that you could see your suggestions come to life in this unique boutique environment.”

With this exciting venture, Scriptive Solutions Custom Apparel and NuCara have created a unique partnership. Heintz will provide an inventory and donate 15-20 percent of her sales to the organizations that the apparel sales represent. NuCara will provide a spacious home to the boutique in the heart of downtown, as well as handling associated business expenses to allow for a larger donation.

“We are very excited to present to the local and surrounding communities the ‘Game Day Boutique,’” said Barker, NuCara vice president of operations. NuCara’s hours, when you can browse the new boutique, are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.