Heintz introduces ‘Give Vintage’ philanthropic clothing line

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Heintz introduces ‘Give Vintage’ philanthropic clothing line

April Heintz dreamt about finding a way for her company, Scriptive Solutions Custom Apparel, to give back to the community.

“Our town has always shown such a giving spirit and that’s what makes it so special,” Heintz said. “I spent endless hours brainstorming a concept, logo and style that would represent something unique and purposeful.”

From all this dreaming, “Give Vintage” came to life.

Give Vintage is a philanthropic clothing line that provides an opportunity for anyone to be involved. “Its sole purpose is to support a cause or a community betterment project, while at the same time, providing a token of thanks to those who purchase an item for themselves or a gift for a loved one,” Heintz said.

Though it’s a limited quantity line, Give Vintage will always work to reach a specific goal for each cause it supports. Heintz said only the highest quality of garments will be produced and the focus of the designs will always reflect its purpose with a positive message for all ages and a reminder that you helped someone along the way.

The first Give Vintage exclusive offering has a vintage distressed design printed on a comfort-quality T-shirt. Only 200 pieces are available, and these design will not be reprinted or replenished, making it a true “limited edition” item.

“For each single shirt that is purchased, two high quality T-shirts and a stocking hat will be donated to our Nevada Community Resource Center’s Angel Tree recipients this holiday season,” Heintz said. She extends a special thank-you to Abby Girl Designs for donating half of the stocking hats that will be given out.

Therefore, giving this T-shirt to someone as a holiday gift is a truly generous gesture, and buyers can be twice as generous by buying one for themselves as well. “I’m extremely honored to launch this clothing line and can’t wait to share it first with a special community like ours,” Heintz said.

The first generation Give Vintage items are available at the Game Day Boutique in NuCara Pharmacy.