McCallsburg Early Learning Center provides daycare options

Brett Van Waus

Ever since the Colo and NESCO school districts consolidated in 1987, the school building in McCallsburg has housed Colo-Nesco’s kindergarten through fifth-grade students residing in McCallsburg and Zearing. These students would then attend junior high in Zearing and high school in Colo.

Today, the former McCallsburg elementary school has been renovated into a day care center (only the new portion of the building is used) for children younger than kindergarten, and students up to sixth grade after the final bell rings each day.

“We take from four weeks up to sixth grade,” said Director Joanna McKinney.

McKinney notes that in addition to students from the Colo-Nesco district, the center also has children from Radcliffe, Roland and Hubbard. Parents do not need to reside in the Colo-Nesco district to take advantage of the day care center. This gives parents, not only from Colo-Nesco but also surrounding districts, an additional day care option.

Nor do parents or guardians need to adjust their schedules greatly depending on the age(s) of their children. In addition to offering after-school care, the center will take children on days when school in not in session, often using the opportunity for field trips. Recently, center employees took their charges to a nearby apple orchard.

“Most of these kids would go to in-home day care if this facility wasn’t open,” said McKinney, noting that the center tries to involve the children in as many activities as possible. “The closest facility like ours is probably Nevada, and that can be out of the way for some families.”

The facility also has an agreement with the nearby Zearing Public Library, which provides a rotation of books available for children or teachers to read or even for children to take home to their families. McKinney was reading a book to the 2-4 year olds during the morning I visited the center.

The Colo-Nesco Daycare Center is currently looking for more children to take in. McKinney notes that she believes the center’s ideal number of students, from infants to pre-school, would be around 45 kids. In October, the facility was housing less than 20 children in this age range.

“The best part of my job is that I get to play with these kids all day, which I love,” said McKinney. “We have a great staff here and my plug would be that we offer all sorts of different learning opportunities for the kids.”

For more information on the Colo-Nesco Daycare Center, call 515-434-2339.