Colo-Nesco School Board continues sharing discussion

Brett Van Waus

The topic of possibly sharing positions with other districts again generated the most discussion at Monday’s Colo-Nesco School Board meeting. Current superintendent, Dr. Jim Verlengia, again took the opportunity to emphasize that it is only the Colo-Nesco superintendent position that the board is considering sharing at the moment.

“We’re still going to have homecoming, we’ll still have athletic teams, we’re still having band concerts, whatever district we might share with,” said Verlengia. “We’re not ready at this point for any whole-grade sharing. This is about sharing a superintendent position, not athletics or about another district swallowing us up.”

Board members agreed that Verlengia and Board President Joel Niemeyer will continue to explore options involving the sharing of a superintendent. The board hopes to speak to candidates concerning the sharing possibilities at a future meeting.

The board agreed that sharing a superintendent is the best option for the school district from a financial perspective, and Verlengia pointed out that since he has been in that role for the last five years, Colo-Nesco has functioned well employing a part-time superintendent.

“Unfortunately, we have an increase in enrollment out,” said Verlengia. “For a comparison, Coon Rapids-Bayard is sharing 21 positions. It doesn’t make it any more tasteful to us, but I just wanted to share that it’s going on in districts like ours.”

Due to students open enrolling out of the Colo-Nesco district, the board approved an application of $186,524 to a state program that will replace the spending power of students who elected to attend school elsewhere.

In other news, the board agreed that Iowa Foam of Nevada will remove snow from all three Colo-Nesco building sites, and they approved an expenditure to purchase new doors throughout the Colo building.