Nevada resident takes part in “Charley’s Aunt”

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Nevada resident takes part in “Charley’s Aunt”

The Ames Community Theater is pleased to present its encore production of “Charley’s Aunt.” It was the first production ever to grace the stage under the banner of the Ames Community Theater - a classic farce that still resonates with today’s audiences. Nevada resident Ben Lievens plays the part of Brassett, and his wife, Mandi Lievens, is the props person.

The story revolves around two young men, Jack Chesney and Charley Wykeham. Desperate to see their best girls, they invite the girls to their college rooms for a visit. Of course, a proper wooing must be properly chaperoned. Brassett, Jack’s manservant, won’t do.

As luck would have it, Charley’s aunt, Donna Lucia, is scheduled for a visit that very day, but is delayed at the last minute. Enter Lord Fancourt Babberly, who is coerced into dressing as a woman and posing as the aunt. All is good until Stephen Spettigue becomes smitten with the ‘heiress.’ At the same time Jack’s father, Colonel Sir Francis Chesney, who is a bit low on funds, entertains the idea of courting Donna Lucia. When the real Donna Lucia arrives, posing as Mrs. Beverly Smythe, with her ward Ela Delahay, things go from bad to worse.

ACTORS original cast of “Charley’s Aunt” included our first president, Jim Okey, who is still an active member.

“Charley’s Aunt” opens on Thursday, Nov. 12 and runs for two weekends. To order your tickets, go to for a link to our on-line ticketing system. You may also purchase your tickets at Gallery 319 in downtown Ames. You won’t want to miss this timeless comedy as ACTORS continues to celebrate 60 seasons of community theater in Ames.