Child care needs survey distributed in Nevada

Staff Writer
Nevada Journal

What are your current child care needs? Do you struggle finding a back-up child care provider? Is it hard to find someone to care for both of your children at the same home or facility? Can you find someone to take your child during the hours in which you work? Would you prefer the option of taking your child or grandchild to a state-registered child care facility?

Your answers are important to planning for future child care needs in Nevada. Nevada Economic Development Council (NEDC) identified child care as a need through employer interviews throughout the city. One of the city’s and Nevada Community School District’s (NCSD) goals is to plan for future growth. Planning for a child care center in 2014 begins today, and your thoughts are important to this process.

You can find the city, NEDC and NCSD child care needs assessment survey information in the January city newsletter, or you can download it off any of the three entities’ websites and email it to Another option is to simply complete the survey online at If you choose to download it, please return it before Wednesday, Jan. 15, by dropping it off at the City Hall drop box (in the parking lot of 1209 Sixth St.). Finally, you can always return it by mail to City Hall, 1209 6th St., Nevada IA 50201.

Thank you for your community support. We appreciate knowing your child care desires.