Seniors On Sixth

Dee Monson

Charles Achter, who is on the ISU faculty in the School of Education, presented the program today for about 65 Nevada Seniors. Having never been out of the country before he plunged head long into a new culture when he visited his son in Egypt, who spent four years as a teacher and principal at a private high school in Cairo. From the time he landed at the airport he was grateful to have his son help him understand that everything works on the barter system, from his first taxi ride to buying a gift for his wife. Since his son was there in 2011, during the revolution, he was able to tell us about the uprising and show us pictures of the celebrations after the overthrow of President Mubarak.

On a second trip to Egypt, Achter was able to visit Luxor, a city with many architectural wonders, including the pyramids and the temple for King Tut. He said that the beautiful city of Luxor no longer has a thriving tourist business because several years ago a group of 27 tourists were killed by rebels who came down into the city.

All of those in attendance were thankful to be retired so we had the time to enjoy this most interesting program and ask questions at the end.