Seniors On Sixth

Dee Monson

Our special guest speaker on potluck day next week will be Charles Achter, who is currently teaching in the Foundations area at ISU. Achter was a high school principal for 32 years, but in his retirement is teaching young people how to be successful teachers. His son, who is also a high school principal, taught in Egypt for four years and invited his dad to come for a visit. Charles will be telling us about his son’s experience of being there during the revolution, as well as the sightseeing wonders of Cairo and Luxor. I hope you will all be able to attend to hear his story.

Thursday, the 12th, at 1:30 will be our last movie day until next fall. I am planning to show “Fred and Elsa” with Shirley McLain and Christopher Plummer. Fred is a recently widowed 80-year-old, who is moved, against his will, to an apartment in New Orleans next door to 74-year-old Elsa Hayes. Fred has become embittered and spends most of his time lying down. Elsa is a flighty, vivacious romantic who dreams of a “sweet life in Rome,” like a movie she has seen. You can imagine how the rest of the movie plays out. I think you will enjoy this last movie of the season.

I hope you have our waffle breakfast day on your calendar for May 16th.