Seniors On Sixth

Dee Monson

I hope this stretch of warm weather lasts so that lots of people are able to come to the New Year’s Eve party at the Center next week. This is our fourth annual party and even when the weather has been viciously cold we still have a great time. (Since there may be someone new to Nevada, I guess I should say that the Senior Center is at the north end of 6th St., right next to city hall.) We will gather at 6:00 to share in a variety of snack foods so plan to come hungry.

I have also reserved the Center on New Year’s Day for anyone who wants to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play in the Rose Bowl football game. The game is on ESPN starting at 5:00. We have Medicom cable at the Center and a large TV so viewing is easy for a group. We will have the Center open by 4:00 and snack foods will probably be appreciated again.

Merry Christmas from all Nevada Seniors.