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Nevada Golden K Kiwanis

Bob Frese greeted 27 members attending the Dec. 1 meeting of Golden K Kiwanis, presided over by President Marsha Jackson. Marcia Wisnieski gave the invocation.

Nathan Meier, Ph.D. candidate from Iowa State University, spoke to the group about the study being conducted by the university to investigate the relationship between physical activity and loss of muscle mass associated with aging. He emphasized the need for participants and encouraged any member interested in joining this study to speak to him after the meeting. Nathan talked primarily about the benefits of increasing physical activity (and avoiding as much as possible a sedentary life style) which include increasing muscle mass, giving people the physical power to carry out everyday tasks and reducing the risks of falls.

Fay Burdick thanked the Golden K Kiwanis for their very generous food contributions to Cubbie Corner. She will deliver two large boxes to the Nevada Middle School after the meeting. Another contribution will be made next Tuesday for those not in attendance.

Laura Van Allen and Beverly Packard gave their fundraising reports to the group. The amount they collected will go a long way in supporting our charitable projects. Raising Readers and Food at First were added to the list of Golden K Kiwanis projects we are supporting.

Marcia Wisnieski spoke about the Golden K Kiwanis’s annual Christmas brunch on Dec. 15 at Memorial Lutheran Church. She encouraged each member to bring a friend to join in the festivities.

Nevada Rotary

President Stephanie Roscoe presided at the Dec. 2 meeting of the Rotary Club of Nevada. In attendance were 30 Rotarians, 13 Junior Rotarians, one visiting Rotarian and three guests. Reports were given on the Chamber and Junior Rotarian. There was no report for the city or NEDC activities. The meeting began with singing “America” and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. President Stephanie Roscoe let us in prayer. Following the club member greetings, the club recited the Rotary 4-Way test. The guests were welcomed by the club members singing the “Welcome Song.” Rotarian Jill Bohnet sponsored Ric Martinez as a new member to the club. Randy Hertz performed the induction ceremony. Membership Chair Dick Pringnitz invited Rotarian Jill Bohnet to introduce Ric Martinez as he was being inducted. Ric Martinez is the city of Nevada’s public safety director, who oversees police, fire and EMS.

President Stephanie Roscoe introduced Rotarian Tammy Oxley for her program. Tammy invited Elizabeth Nelson, whom spoke about her hobby of beekeeping. She discussed putting up the hive and getting a new package of bees. After the hive is going, she talked about how to check on the health of your hive and the life cycle of the honey bees. Then she went through how to harvest your honey by taking off your supers and extracting. Check out the Iowa Honey Producers website for a list of new beekeeping classes in 2016:

Nevada American Legion Auxiliary

On Saturday, Nov. 14, the Nevada American Legion Auxiliary held their annual Birthday Party, celebrating 96 years of service to veterans, the veterans’ families and the community. Before our party started, WWII veteran Jim Klein came to the Post to receive his Quilt of Valor. It was heartwarming to see him so proud as we wrapped him in his quilt. Jim was then taken home by family and friends with a meal in hand. He is too weak from cancer to be out and about for any period of time.

Our head table guests were Iowa Department Commander Jim Peterson with his wife Pat, 6th District Commander Tim McLaughlin, 6th District ALA President Mary Jo McLaughlin and Story County ALA President Jan Schmidt, with her guest Joyce Elliott.

Our honorary guests were Linda Griffith - a Nevada resident who, unconditionally, helps with our local projects; Mitzi Alexander - artist of the “HONOR ALL VETERANS” mural at Hattery Park; members of the Nevada Patriotic Council - Cal and Linda Beem, LaNair Niblock, Judy Blair, Lloyd Kline, Lou Koeneke, Francis Miller and Vicki Towle; and Ray Lounsberry, a Quilt of Valor recipient.

Unit members Dorothy Thompson handed out a pen and pencil gift set to all the members and guests, while Karin Lynch cooked us a delicious German meal of Jagerschnitzel. The meal was also attended by members Ann Kurtenbach with husband Jim, Laura Van Allen, Chris Lloyd, Cathy Bagley with husband Dan, Sheila Cruse with husband Russ, Barb Dodd with husband Randy and our newest member, Sue McCaskey, with husband Jamie. The meal was served by the Sons of the American Legion Commander Scott Thompson and SAL member Mark Boetel.

The program consisted of the ALA members placing a picture of their veteran hero on his wall plaque while listening to “An American Soldier” by Toby Keith. Seeing these photos hanging throughout the room is breathtaking. The Department Commander spoke a greeting in German to our cook, thanking her for what happened to be his favorite meal. We thanked all the Patriotic Council members for years of putting together the Memorial Day Programs for the town. We gave the four Quilt of Valor recipients a scrapbook of their service and their quilt.

Our American Legion Auxiliary members, daily, volunteer “in the spirit of service, not self.” I asked the members, in the privacy of their own home, to pat themselves on the back for another successful year of volunteering with our veterans, their families and our community. Tomorrow brings a new day and we will be back at it again, giving unselfishly, our service to God and Country.

Carol Thompson, ALA Unit#48 President