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President Sara Clausen opened the meeting with reports from members. Lynn Scarlett updated the group on events going on in Nevada. Donations of school supplies may be dropped off at the Nevada Chamber office through the month of July. Matt Mardesen had updates on RAGBRAI and shared that the city of the Nevada had a new pop-up. Marty Chitty gave an observation of things going on in the county.

Kris Dugger opened the meeting with prayer, then “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” was played by Rod Biensen. Guests in attendance were Dick Brokaw, Leah Biensen and Olivia Clausen. Rod Biensen played the “Welcome Song” in their honor.

President Sarah talked about make-up meetings. They can be entered on the sign-in sheet at meetings or the web-site. The club will not meet on July 25. Rotarians will be helping supervise the intersections along Lincoln Way during RAGBRAI. A thank-you note was passed around from Logan Stuffelbeam. She was the 2018 Scholarship winner.

Rotarians broke into committees and planned for the year ahead.