Seniors on Sixth

Dee Monson

If you have ever played the card game “hearts” or would like to learn how, please join us this Friday, the 29th at 1. We try to keep all card games, fun so don’t worry if your score hits 100 first.

We will be closed on the Fourth of July but will plan to have our regular Bingo day on Thursday, the 5th. If you can bring a friend, that would be great. We have more fun when we have a larger group.

Monday, the 9th will be our potluck day. (Remember we are having chicken from Pizza Ranch that day so we will need lots of other side dishes.) For our program this month we will be watching a DVD about how they have built an exact replica of Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky near the previously built Creation Museum. The Ark is the biggest timber-frame structure in the world at 510’ long, 85’ wide and 51’ high with 3.3 million board feet of timber.

I hope you will check the Journal and the city newsletter for events in Nevada over the 4th, and support those who have worked hard to plan them.