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Steve Cassabaum spoke to the Rotarians about the services offered by 21st Century Rehab. Contributed photo

Nevada Rotary

The meeting opened with reports. Matt Mardesen updated the group on road work within the city and Marty Chitty commented on a news article that mentioned Story County. The meeting was then called to order by President Jon Augustus. “My Country Tis of Thee” was sung and a prayer was given by Rob Bacon. All Rotarians recited the Four Way Test.

Rob Biensen played a song from 1910, “I Want a Girl, Just Like, the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad.” Rotarian Emmi Miller introduced a guest from Florida, Gordon Hoover, and local guests Kim Marcus, Josie Bailey, John Hall, Drew Kent and Katie Cassebaum.

President Elect Sara Clausen passed around a sign-up sheet for upcoming programs. President Augustus announced Rotary scholarship winners, Mackenzie Garrett and Logan Stufflebeam. He said many students had applied and there were several excellent candidates to choose from.

Steve Cassabaum gave a program on the new Medical Oriented Gym run by 21st Century Rehab PC that is located in the Story County Medical Center. They work with patients to improve functional activities and aerobic activity. Many times patients are able to reduce medication and improve their ability to sit and stand, etc. 21st Century also participated in the Silver Sneakers program and the Cardiac rehab phase 3, Fit for Life program. 21st Century Rehab PC has also played a key role at Nevada High School, assisting athletes with injuries. This is a service they have provided for over twenty years.

Nevada Kiwanis

Judy Chance introduced the program at the June 5 Kiwanis meeting. Ken Hawcott is a licensed massage therapist, who discussed the many benefits of massage therapy and several different types of therapy. Thank you, Judy and Ken, for a most interesting and entertaining program!