MAT Tumbling Trampoline and Acrobatics hosted their home meet on April 6-7 at the MCC Activity Center and Babe Harder gym. The stands were full as competitors took their turns on Olympic Trampoline and Double Mini trampoline on Saturday and Power Tumbling on Sunday. MAT had nearly 100 team members competing over the weekend in preparation for the Iowa State Championships and the opportunity to represent themselves and their GREEN TEAM at the USTA Nationals competition in Charleston, W.V.

Power Tumbling

Beginner Girls: age 6 - Kaylyn Vantassel, fifth place;

Advanced Beginner Girls: age 7 - Landrey Harris, second place

Sub Novice Girls: age 9 - Caleigh Anderson, eighth place

Sub Advanced Girls: age 15-16 - Maddie Shelton, first place

Double Mini Trampoline

Beginner Girls: age 7- Landrey Harris, second place

Novice Girls: age 9 - Caleigh Anderson, first place

Olympic Trampoline

Novice Girls: age 7 - Landrey Harris, first place; age 9- Caleigh Anderson, first place